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就连Toyota也是中国的?Even Toyota is from China?




The so-called technological super power is not just to be the leader, but as long as it is about technology, people assume that it originates from there.

“Everything in my shop is Chinese.” The owner of electronic products admiringly smiled at me.

“Toyota is from China, right?” I was stuck dumb by this question.

大国草民 Mr. Perfect? No, Just a Shitizen of the Superpower


Whenever I feel lonely and frustrated, I like to stroll around the busy streets in the night time. Because the admiring attention of numerous Moroccan beauties always re-ignites the hope of my life:”Chinese guy! Stop pretending being poor. You are forever the Mr.Perfect (tall, rich and handsome) in my eyes.”

撒哈拉威音乐人想来中国 A Moroccan Musician’s Dream: Bring Sahrawi Music to China

排练视频 Rehearsal Video


“摩洛哥人出国混不容易,你得准备一大笔钱。” 他说。

Good at keyboard and guitar, Aziz shuttles back and forth between Morocco and Western Sahara to perform at various concerts.

One day he would like to give a show to the Chinese audience.

“For Moroccans, it is very difficult to get out of this country, you need to prepare a large sum of money. ” Aziz says.